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The story of the linen industry’s move from being a cottage industry, into factories

From the 1780s onwards, the Industrial Revolution began to change the face of the linen industry across Europe. What was once literally a cottage industry began to be replaced by linen factories.

During this period of industrialisation men lost their jobs in the linen industry, and women were paid one fifth of the wage they had previously been receiving.

Below you can see some of the artefacts we have on display in this section of the exhibition.


Hand Punch Cards – Hand loom punch cards from hand-operated hole punch device, offered for exhibition by Lisburn Museum


Damask point chart originating from Dumfermline

Point Chart – Damask point chart originating from Dumfermline, offered for exhibition by Fiona McKelvie of McBurnie and Black


Digital Punch Cards, Industrial Loom 20 field general purpose punch cards

Machine Punch Cards – Industrial loom 20 field general purpose punch cards offered for exhibition by Brenda Collins


Art of Weaving,Book by Alex Brown.

Art of Weaving – Book by Alex Brown. ‘A Practical Treatise of the Construction of the Power-loom and the Art of Weaving’ Pub. James P. Mathew & Co. Offered for exhibition by Angus Maclean