Our Linen Stories || Ar Sgeulanchdan Lin

     Exhibitions, events and special projects celebrating Flax Fibre and Linen

drawing on a rich heritage and enabling contemporary creative endeavour, in Scotland and beyond: new touring displays, regenerative textiles networking, school & community flax projects, and international roundtables.

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featuring our landmark 2020 Exhibition in Edinburgh, chapters in Our Linen Stories book, featured Artists and Designers, and our Linen Library.

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including news of Scotland’s second Flax and Linen Festival in 2024.

Flax & Linen Festival


Making Millie


Community Co-Design


Wild Weaving


International Roundtable



Scotland is home to many creative talents across disciplines from applied arts to manufacturing and links with Europe and the world through its heritage, knowledge exchange, creativity, making skills, quality and innovation.


Linen and the flax plant from which it derives, represent a focus for these links through the strong bonds of shared design and material cultures.


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