Welcome to our THINK GLOBAL GROW LOCAL series of online Roundtable events, drawing together a community of experts and enthusiasts, exploring locality and regeneration through the lens of flax fibre and linen cultures from around the world: Growing Fibres and Nurturing Culture.

The title of our series is a riff on the phrase ‘Think Global Act Local’ and the work of pioneering Scottish ecologist, Patrick Geddes. His call to consider nature and the seasons as our guide and to progress in tandem with the planet, underpins much of our work with Journeys in Design.

All presentations are available to view on Journeys in Design YouTube channel.


Series launch September 2021 as part of Scotland’s first Flax and Linen Festival. 

  • Sirpa Morsky, Seed to Shelf, FINLAND, with Jane McCann, N.Ireland
  • Helen Keys, Flax Farming, N.IRELAND, with Arwen Roberts, Wales
  • Shannon Welsh & Angela Wartes-Kahl, Fibrevolution, USA with Rosie Bristow, Scotland
  • Christiane Seufferlein, Berta’s Flax, AUSTRIA
  • Paul Henry, Spinning Class, ENGLAND with Peter Szikriszt, IkvmLIN, Sweden
  • Sylvie De Costa & Greet Verstraat, TEXTURE Museum, BELGIUM
  • John Ennis, Flax Futures, Journeys in Design, SCOTLAND



Edition 2 held on World Earth Day, Friday 22 April 2022


Think GLOBAL Grow LOCAL, a new series of International Round Table events from Journeys in Design.