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Journeys in Design is a series of initiatives exploring where Design meets well-being and sustainable futures, engaging local communities and setting Scotland’s Design talent in a global context. 
Journeys in Design follows three intersecting pathways: Making Well, Twilight Talks and Material World.
Making Well: Exploring where mindful design meets well-being for individuals and communities 
Collaborative initiatives inaugurated 2014 drawing on the power of creative thinking and doing and a wealth of related talent in Scotland.
Twilight Talks about Design: Bringing makers, curators and researchers together with engaged audiences to discuss the role of Design in Scotland’s cultural landscape
Our rolling series of Design Debates began in 2014, the longest running independent series of dedicated design talks in Scotland.
Material World: Platforming Scottish Design in an international context, drawing on our rich industrial heritage with a focus on new material and the circular economy 
Inaugurated 2017 with Our Linen Stories
“Ultimately, Journeys in Design draws on notions of productive fellowship and civic knowledge. Despite unparalleled access to knowledge banks, the collective wisdom held by communities that allows us to meet many of life’s challenges is at risk. Learning through collective activity relating to shared cultures draws us together in productive fellowship and improves this civic knowledge with the potential to offer agency to individuals and communities to improve well-being.”
Dr John Ennis, Founder, Journeys in Design Scotland.
Material World
Material World highlights a different material with each iteration encouraging an exploration of established and contemporary process, practice and product and forging innovative links across art, design and industry. Materiality, object culture, design history and contemporary practice combine to deepen an appreciation of the things that surround us, revalue everyday objects and reflect on our use of resources.
Our Linen Stories 
commenced 2017
Concrete Designs to Thrive
commencing 2020
Just Your Type: Paper & Print
commencing 2023
Health for Leather
commencing 2026
Our Linen Stories
John Ennis, Curator Producer
Eilidh Young, Project Administration 2018
Nick Sargent, Exhibition Design Leith 2018
James McKay, Exhibition Tour Installation 2018/9
Abid Nazir, Project Administration 2019
Amber Ward, Project Administration, Kirkcaldy Design Hub
Gordon McCulloch, Communication Coordination 2019
Lorna Brown, Exhibition Design Edinburgh
Eric Schumacher, Exhibition Installation Coordination Edinburgh

John Ennis