GP Journeys in Design presents Material World, an exhibition and events series placing Scottish Design in an international context and including the Gayfield Design Commission: we aim to link Art, Design and Industry and forge innovative collaborations.

Material World highlights a different material with each iteration encouraging an exploration of established and contemporary process, practice and product; launched 2018 with Our Linen Stories.

The Gayfield Design Commission is selected by application and supports Artist Designer career development in the creation of a limited production run using the focus material.

Our full GP Journeys Five Year Map is due for release in Autumn 2018.

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About John

John has been resident in Edinburgh for over 30 years, attending medical school and subsequently working as a doctor and medical teacher. His lifetime passion for art and design and their interplay with well-being has led him to support several initiatives at home and abroad, working full time in this area since 2012 in pursuit of projects devoted to design. ‘Dr John’ has been a ‘linen geek’ since his early days growing up in Lisburn and presents Our Linen Stories as the first of a new series of exhibitions and events called Material World, under the umbrella of Gayfield Projects: Journeys in Design.

About Eilidh

Eilidh moved to Scotland in the early noughties to study Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. She has since navigated her way around the Scottish art and design landscape, sometimes instinctively, more often illogically but always interestingly.

After studying Graphic Design at SAE Institute Glasgow and completing her Masters in Arts Management at University of St Andrews, Eilidh returned to Edinburgh as researcher at Creative Scotland, Events Manager at Dovecot Studios and Project Coordinator at Gayfield Creative Spaces.

With the launch of ‘Our Linen Stories’ this May in Leith, Eilidh is delighted to be working once again as Projects Coordinator with John in this new series of collaborative and explorative exhibitions and events. Eilidh looks forward to seeing, hearing and sharing all your linen stories along the way.

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