Ch1 Industrious Fibres

Display Sharing Material Culture

Seed, fibre, thread and factory, a sensory journey shared throughout Europe.

Sharing Material Culture is the first section of Our Linen Stories exhibition. Regardless of creed or language, some of the elements of our linen heritage are shared across the continent.

Linen is the quintessentially European textile.

The first exhibit in this section is Playing Cards damask linen cloth. Created by Sarah van Gameren and Tim Simpson who have worked with the Tilburg textile museum in the Netherlands.

Also featured is ‘Flax Fields’ by Scottish artist designer Lorna Brown, produced uniquely for our exhibition.

Flax Fields by Lorna Brown

Flax Fields by Lorna Brown

Below you can see a selection of the other exhibits in this first section, ‘Industrious Fibres’.

The Craft book by Sarah Popelier

The Linen Craft

Book by Sarah Popelier (Libeco). ‘Fiber to Fabric’ Pub. Libeco

Flax Seed Pigeon, made of linen, stuffed with flax seeds

Flax Pigeon

Pigeon made of linen, filled with flax seeds

Scutched flax

Scutched Flax

Scutched flax offered for exhibition by Lisburn Museum

Flax plant grown in Edinburgh offered for exhibtion by artist Linda Green

Flax Plant

Flax grown in Edinburgh offered for exhibition by Linda Green