Each town on our tour represents an opportunity to channel local linen stories and to mark an evolving exhibition and archive, gathering your linen stories and calling on local contemporary designers and industry.

The Haining Estate, Selkirk

Selkirk // 4th & 5th May

OLS Kirkcaldy - Linen Works Scotland Walk 1

Kirkcaldy // Linen Works Scotland // Saturdays throughout June

A new series of Saturday Pop Up Exhibitions throughout June as well as a Sunday Special: ‘The Sustainable Lang Toun’, a guided Sunday Stroll

Lisburn, N.Ireland // 11th May

Grantown Museum Exterior

Strathspeyside // 17th – 19th May

custom Lane Exterior

Leith & The Lothians // 25 & 26 May

Migration and the Sea: Creative Energy in Leith