Making Well with Heritage

Thursday 16 September 2021 from 18:30 to 20:00
Kirkcaldy Old Kirk, Kirk Wynd, Kirkcaldy EH1 1EH

Join an expert panel to explore the power of engagement with heritage for individual and community well-being

About this event

With an expert panel bringing contrasting experience and perspective to the discussion, join us to discuss the power of engagement with heritage for individual and community well-being.

Leading tonight’s discussion are three masters of collaboration in their respective fields: Ruthanne Baxter has championed the role of heritage across Scotland and beyond and tonight will focus on her Prescribe Culture initiative with the University Edinburgh; Lynsey Gillespie from the Public Records Office of N.Ireland discusses community engagement with archives; and Hannah Ayre, participatory artist with over twenty years experience of creating socially engaged projects throughout the UK, includes reflections on her ‘Lantern Project’ at Silverburn Park in Fife.

Our Talk commences at 6.30pm and is preceded by soft drinks served from 6pm. Our Talks are recorded and we ask you please to let us know if you prefer not to be included in this archive.

This talk is part of Scotland’s first Flax and Linen Festival, September 2021, in Fife. We are delighted to collaborate with Kirkcaldy Old Kirk Trust for tonight’s event. The Festival Hub and Exhibition is also in Kirkcaldy, and events run over each weekend throughout Fife.


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Main Image Courtesy of FEAT Silverburn, Lantern Project by Hannah Ayre

Ruthanne Baxter

Championing the role of heritage across Scotland and beyond

Lynsey Gillespie

from the Public Records Office of N.Ireland

Hannah Ayre

Participatory artist with over twenty years experience of creating socially engaged projects throughout the UK

Flax Circles: Think Global, Grow Local

Thursday 9 September 2021 from 14:00 to 16:00
Online event

Join us for a Zoom Roundtable, an opportunity to reflect on shared flax and linen cultures from farming to tourism

About this event

We warmly invite you to join us for a Zoom Roundtable, an opportunity to reflect on our shared flax and linen cultures.

Key Themes: Farming, Education, Tourism, Community, and Bioregional Sustainability.

Our Roundtable includes keynotes, short presentations, Q&A sessions and Roundup. With contributions from partners in Scotland and beyond, you can sign up and contribute yourself, from wherever you are in the world.

Register today: full details and schedule will be sent to you before the event.

Flax Circles is a key event within Scotland’s first Flax and Linen Festival, September 2021, Fife, from Journeys in Design.

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Sharing Culture by Design

In January 2020, Journeys in Design brought together an expert panel to discuss the power of nurturing cultural links between Scotland and Europe. We welcomed Ben Macpherson, then Minister for Europe, Migration and International Development in the Scottish Government to formally open our Twilight Talk.

Mary V. Mullin

Mary V. Mullin has a distinguished career in design promotion and management.  

Dr Stacey Hunter

Design Curator, Founders of local Heroes

Mark Watson

Historic Environment Scotland 

Design in a Sustainable Scotland

Design in a sustainable Scotland: how do we walk more lightly on the earth by design and use of materials? With an Expert Panel bringing international perspective to the debate in Scotland, join us to discuss the potential of material, community and the circular economy in designing a sustainable Scotland.

Robin Harper, first Member of the Scottish Parliament to represent the Green Party, opens our Talk.




Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson is a circular economy consultant      

Trish Belford

Trish Belford is Senior Research Fellow at the Art and Design Institute, University of Ulster in Belfast

John Ferguson

John Ferguson is a Social Entrepreneur

Marnie Collins

Marnie Collins is a Assistant Professor of Textile Design at Heriot-Watt University

African Routes: art and design reframe development

Accra, the capital of Ghana is a city transformed by outside investment but one only need scratch the surface to find an ecosystem in crisis.
Renee Neblett, Director of the Kokrobitey Institute in Ghana explores the role of art and design in this context and how local communities understand their environment in relation to the broader world, providing examples from the pioneering work of the Kokrobitey Institute and Design Centre.

This Talk honours the memory of architect and designer Alero Olympio.

Renee Neblett

Director of the Kokrobitey Institute in Ghana.

Alero Olympio

Festival Favourites: the art and design of collaboration

Edinburgh Festival luminaries Richard Demarco and Jim Haynes are joined by emerging talents Marion Preez, Katrina Corbett, Alan Brown, Pauline Sandberg, David Seel and Oana Stanchi, gathering to recollect and plan art and design collaborations. This Gayfield Twilight Talk is presented by Pecha Kucha Edinburgh: curated by Gordon Duffy, sponsored by Studio DuB, supported by New Media Scotland and Gayfield.

Gordon Duffy

Principal of Studio DuB.

Richard Demarco

Jim Haynes

Hubbing for Creatives: designing a creative economy

When creatives combine into hubs, their localities can celebrate their emergence and local economies can develop. We can map these collaborative facilities across Scotland and when we ‘join up the dots’ the term ‘creative economy’ starts to make sense as a national resource.
Chaired by Caroline Parkinson, independent Creative Project manager, we hear from Creative Edinburgh’s Janine Matheson and British Council’s Lynsey Smith.

Caroline Parkinson

CP Creative Project Management.

Janine Matheson

Creative Edinburgh.

Lynsey Smith

Former Director of Creative Edinburgh.

Maker Journeys: the British Council maker library network

Architect Gunnar Groves-Raines of GRAS presents a series of completed architectural projects as well as more experimental collaborations borne out of the British Council Maker Library Network. University of Strathclyde graduates Gunnar Groves-Raines and Stuart Falconer co-founded GRAS in 2006, an architecture and design studio exploring ideas, materials, techniques and technologies all with making at its heart.

Gunnar Groves-Raines

Co-founder of GRAS.

Marking and Mapping: an Edinburgh journey in Design

Chris Fleet and Anna Feintuck discuss Edinburgh’s cartographic industry, home to world-renowned mapmakers such as John Bartholomew & Son. Old maps of Gayfield itself suggest a bustling hub of light industry and creative manufacture. Learn more about maps of Edinburgh and the tales they tell, as well as those they choose to hide. Chris Fleet is Senior Maps Curator at the National Library of Scotland and Anna Feintuck is PhD researcher for the Mapping Edinburgh’s Social History initiative at University of Edinburgh.

Chris Fleet

Senior Maps Curator at the National Library of Scotland.

Anna Feintuck

Co-curator on PACE: Walking by Design.

The Power of Place: global makes local

Glasgow-based curator Katy West (India Street, Gayfield Summer 2014) and Edinburgh-based Architect Stuart Falconer (GRAS: architects for Gayfield Creative Spaces 2014) explore their experience of working with designers and makers from different cultures and the ways in which design can both create international links and highlight local concerns. The conversation is chaired by Dr John Ennis, Founder, Gayfield Creative Spaces.

Katy West

Curator of India Street Gayfield Summer 2014.

Stuart Falconer

GRAS: architects.

Cloth and Memory: placemaking and exhibition

Leading textile curator Lesley Millar inspires on the subject of textile design in different cultures connecting us to both place and memory and Sarah Saunders, Head of Learning and Programmes at V&A Dundee, updates on this exciting new development in the Scottish Design landscape.
The conversation is accompanied by a special display of printed textiles by Professor Norma Starszakowna, innovator and educator in the field of printed textiles, based in Dundee.

Lesley Millar

UK textile curator.

Sarah Saunders

Head of Learning and Programmes at V&A Dundee.

Amanda Game

Independent curator.

Digital Counts: progress in design technologies

Alan Shaw of the Centre for Advanced Textiles Glasgow School of Art, and Geoffrey Mann Head of Glass at Edinburgh College of Art, discuss the role of digital tools in the development of their design process. Introduced by Josie Steed, Course Leader of Fashion & Textile Design, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Alan Shaw

The Centre for Advanced Textiles Glasgow.

Geoffrey Mann

Designer and Head of Glass at Edinburgh College of Art.

Gardens in Mind: design for health and well-being

Leading UK architect Richard Murphy OBE and Professor Annie Pollock, Director of Landscape Design and Architecture at the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre discuss the role of landscape design in creating healthy environments. Introduced by Celine Sinclair, Chief Executive of The Yard.

Richard Murphy OBE

Richard Murphy OBE is a UK architect.

Annie Pollock

Annie Pollock is Director of Landscape Design and Architecture at the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre.

Material Goods: quality and the market place

Paul Simmons of pioneering Glasgow firm Timorous Beasties and emerging independent textile designer Laura Spring discuss their experience of creating thriving studios through design innovation and quality production. Timorous Beasties (deck chair panels) and Laura Spring (picnic hampers) feature in Garden Party exhibition by Gayfield.

Paul Simmons

Timorous Beasties.

Laura Spring

Laura Spring is a textile designer.

Too Much Stuff: the ecology of Design

Leading Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, from Eindhoven, talks about the way design thinking can create a more sustainable model of living. Introduced by Amanda Game, independent curator and Creative Adviser, Gayfield. Key works by Piet Hein Eek appear for the first time in Scotland in Garden Party exhibition by Gayfield.

Piet Hein Eek

Dutch Designer.

Amanda Game

Independent curator.