In 2018 we explored linen links between Scotland and N.Ireland, sharing Our Linen Stories from our base within the Lisburn Cathedral.

The Lisburn Cathedral is resonant with Our Linen Stories and we’ll be in full view of the magnificent ‘Barbour Window’, funded by the family whose name was known worldwide for the production of linen thread and whose forebears were linen merchants from Paisley in the west of Scotland.

We’ve added to our core exhibition with a focus on the traditions of birth, deaths and marriages associated with linen in a specially curated exhibition station called ‘Faith in Linen’ and we extended our look at Sustainability and Material Innovation with a display curated by Prof Jane McCann in association with our Industry Sponsors, Creative Composites, the UK’s most advanced composites manufacturer who are themselves based in Lisburn.

We were particularly pleased to be hosting an evening of Word and Song entitled Huguenot Journeys, offering a local perspective on the French emigre weavers who had such influence on the Linen Industry in both Ireland and Scotland and some of whose gravestones are to be found in the Cathedral grounds.

Events at this location:

  • New display: Faith in Linen 
  • New display: Linen Innovations by Jane McCann in association with Creative Composites 
  • Huguenot Journeys, an evening of song, spoken word and music
  • A Lisburn reception with Richard Ennis, Chair of Creative Composites 


Events at this location

Huguenot Journeys in Word and Song

An informal early evening presentation of spoken word, music and song inspired by the Huguenot emigre weavers who had such influence on the early linen industry and trade in Ireland and Scotland.

Hosted by two ‘children of Lisburn’ – local Benjamin Mulholland and Edinburgh resident Claire McNichol – the pair drew on the rich tradition of weaving poems and songs and of music, then and now.

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Linen Journeys in Design – Curator Talks

An informal 30 minute presentation and discussion

‘Our Linen Stories’ Curator John Ennis is originally from Lisburn and has been resident in Edinburgh since 1985. Stepping aside from a career in medicine in 2013 to pursue a passion for design, this is John’s first exhibition tour and in these informal talks, he reflects on his experiences producing the exhibitions and events that have formed Our Linen Stories to date.

John noted, ‘In a small way, exhibitions can serve to highlight the big issues of the day and I hope that Our Linen Stories manages to do that with a look at the positives of migration and creative industry and how we can walk more lightly on the earth with better use of our finite resources. For many, perhaps our biggest problem is the scourge of isolation despite apparently better connectivity: if exhibitions are about anything, they are about bringing people together with a shared interest; its feels fitting to acknowledge the joy of fellowship in a venue such as The Cathedral in Lisburn.’

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Lisburn Reception for Our Linen Stories

A celebration of Our Linen Stories links between Scotland and N.Ireland, highlighting the next phase of this generative project linking our two nations.

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