Our tour to Leith included:

  • Story Tent at Leith Market
  • Opening Weekend at Custom Lane
  • Talking Industry: Duncan Neil
  • Talking Community: Helena Loermans
  • Talking Education: Jane McCann
  • Talking Heritage: Maureen Hammond
  • Research Talk: Helena Loermans
  • Schools Workshops

Events at this location

Story Tent at Leith Market

Our Linen Stories first real-time foray into generating public interest and gathering local stories was to set up stall at Leith Market two weeks before launch in Leith. You came along to shop local at the regular Saturday Farmers Market in Dock Place, just beside Custom Lane where we planned to exhibit and you were generous in your stories from the word go. Thanks to Sara and team for their support in kind of our Linen Tent at Leith Market.

As well as fun with fellow traders and the chance to try some of the best smoked trout we’ve ever tasted, several folk wandered up to look at our 1896 Map of Edinburgh and Leith: who doesn’t love to check over an old map to see what was there in yesteryear?

Among those enjoying the atmosphere was one lady with an Australian accent with whom we shared our Leith and Edinburgh stories. Turns out this lady had Huguenot ancestors and is MP for Leith to boot! With many thanks to Deirdre Brock MP whose diligent office lead Nina subsequently sent us a key research paper summarising in more detail the place of the Huguenot’s in Edinburgh.

Another of Leith’s women of substance, friend and local activist Mary Moriarty had been keen to introduce me to her former colleague Designer Claudia Escobar. Of Polish and Chilean descent and resident of Leith for 10 years, Claudia is one of the most hard working people we’ve met and with Our Linen Stories, we have helped facilitate part of Claudia’s own exciting Journey in Design.

Opening Weekend at Custom Lane

We welcomed you aboard our exhibition which launched with a cuppa and treats from home and away.

Twilight Talks about Design: Place-Making & Creative Industry

How do Craft and Design skills define a place?
Can Craft and Design tradition enable new Industry?
Chaired by Professor Jane McCann, we hear from a panel of experts representing Scotland, Ireland and The Netherlands and we have time to enter Design Debate with an invigorated audience.

We were honoured to present new work by Linda Green, Scottish Artist, to mark this Talk and during Our Linen Stories Exhibition.

Research Talk by Helena Loermans – Weaving a Textured History

Weavers, artists, historians and others found insight and delight in this Talk by Dutch weaver Helena Loermans currently based in Portugal. We discussed her research into the canvas of old masters paintings and her weaving replicas of these linen damasks, Helena demonstrated using a ‘human loom’.
Helena Loermans’ ‘El Greco’ canvas was part of Our Linen Stories exhibition and Helena appears on our Twilight Talks about Design expert panel, discussing her work with rural development initiatives in Portugal.

Schools Workshops – Chromatography & the Artists Palette

These closed events formed an integral part of the 2018 Gayfield Design Commission and were led by Artist Felicity Bristow.

In collaboration with local schools, GP Journeys in Design acknowledged key goals in Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence and added the all-important A for Art into the push for STEAM subject teaching. Our Schools Workshops were part of broader commitment by GP Journeys in Design to facilitate teaching and learning initiatives that link Educators with Design.

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Well-Being Workshops – Weaving for Well-Being

These closed events were to be led by Weaver Sarah Henderson and former GP John Ennis. Devised by John Ennis, Jo Kessel and Eilidh Young with the support of Luminate and Age Scotland and in collaboration with Sarah Henderson and local residents. Using a simple weaving frame and led by a weaver experienced in workshop delivery, we hoped to enable productive time together for people and their carers in calm surroundings utilising a tactile sensory activity known to ease anxiety.

Our timeframe did not permit the establishment of a local residents group. We were able to attend training sessions and to provide a visit and curator tour for the the Living Memory group in Leith.

We acknowledge the value of maker activities in the well-being of participants. Our Well-Being Workshops were part of broader commitment by GP Journeys in Design to facilitate well-being initiatives linking making skills and vulnerable groups.

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