With each exhibition stop on Our Linen Stories Tour we have included books of relevance to each locality in addition to the key texts presented in the core exhibition. In Fife we are delighted to feature three books: ‘Duel’, ‘From Hill to Sea’ and ‘Kirkcaldy Harbour’.

Duel‘ (Canongate 2005) is a riveting account by James Landale, of the last legal duel in Scotland in 1826 when a Kirkcaldy linen merchant shot dead his Bank Manager…
Kirkcaldy Harbour’ (Amberley, 2018) is a brief and beguiling history by respected local author Carol McNeill, including a key passage about our venue at the Shipping Merchants House Law’s Close
From Hill to Sea’ (Bread and Circuses, 2015), is a collection of wonderful walks, pictures and words by Fife Pscychogeographical Collective, a liberating, radical celebration of walking and walks in the extraordinary county of Fife.

As a special enhancement to our own presentations, we are delighted to collaborate with OnFife Archive and Family History to create Our Linen Library from items that would otherwise be in store, made available for you to enjoy at our Merchants House venue.

We’re looking forward very much to presenting new stories and new objects in Kirkcaldy together with the stunning Contemporary Design using Flax and Linen that forms the core of this Design Exhibition

Hope to see you there,
Best wishes
John, Mandy and Max
The Team at Journeys in Design