Dear Friends

As winter solstice approaches in the northern hemisphere, we can take time to think about the year that’s been and our hopes for the new year to come.

Lessons learned from lockdown left a burning desire to move forward, more fairly and in tandem with nature and our planet. Communities threatened by restriction triumphed through resilient adaptation, finding new ways to reach out to neighbours and to connect with each other.

Our Journeys in Design this year have drawn on these realities and we hope you have enjoyed participating in our walks, talks, workshops and exhibitions whether on the ground or online. Communities in Scotland and N.Ireland have co-designed with us , communities of makers have crafted with us, and many talents have talked with us in Creative Encounters that evidence the power of collaboration.

Next year is given particular focus with the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, UNFCCC COP26, 1-12 November. Our Journeys in Design through 2021 continue contributing to community and well-being by Design, with a focus on materials and processes that progress with planet earth centre stage.

We’re delighted to start 2021 in conversation with Helmut Langer, a beacon of international collaboration, highlighting his communication design work for action on climate change with UNFCCC. Thanks to Helmut for the beautiful image that leads our final Newsletter of 2020.

Wishing you the best of progress in the months to come,
with hope for a safe and peaceful new year from all in the Journeys team,