Dear Friends,

The seasonal image above is of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, featuring a statue of Adam Smith, three hundred years this year since his birth, all surrounded by natures winter greens, and a bauble or two!

Today, innovative designers in Scotland offer new ways to an enlightened future, many looking to nature’s roll in drawing them, and us, together.

So too, nature’s seasonal rituals continue to infuse our Journeys in Design: spring is for sowing, summer for celebrating in city streets and by shores, and autumn for rich harvest gatherings. We’ll share some highlights of our Journeys in 2023 next month, with ‘a nod and a link’ to allies met en route.

For now, the calm dark of winter offers time to reflect on seasons’ past, to nourish relationships with gratitude, and to plan for the year ahead, just as winter solstice approaches in the northern hemisphere, with the promise of longer, lighter days,

Wherever you may be, a big thank you
for joining us this year,
in Scotland and beyond,
with very best wishes for the months to come,