Masters Artist weaves New Union for Europe, a Journeys in Design commission

Akshata Mokashi, Artist and Weaver from Mumbai India, graduated 2019 Master of Art (Distinction) in Fashion and Textiles from Heriot-Watt University, School of Textiles and Design in the Scottish Borders.

Offered theme and materials, Akshata was commissioned by Journeys in Design to create a tapestry weave for Our Linen Stories Exhibition. Akshata has drawn on ancient European Culture and specifically the Greek notion of khaos: the layer separating heaven and earth, the primordial state preceding creation.

The materials offered included flax seed and dried plant, scutched and heckled fibre, spun yarn, raw and processed linen fabric and paper made form linen pulp: materials were those gathered throughout Our Linen Stories from all participating European nations and represent linen in all its forms.

Material, creativity and connection are all evident in this tapestry weave panel, entitled ‘A New Union, Europe‘.