For complete beginners – a workshop and informal talk about weaving.

Inspired by the weavers met during Our Linen Story tours, Journeys in Design is supporting the development of local ‘Wild Weaving’ workshops. Attendees weave on a simple frame using materials found during a preceding walk, harnessing the hand-crafting and meditative benefits of walking and weaving. Journeys in Design engages local weavers to lead our workshops and share their Weavers Tales.

Our inaugural Workshops formed part of Our Linen Stories Edinburgh, devised with the expert guidance of Akshata Mokashi MA (Distinction) Heriot Watt University, Textiles and Design. We were delighted to partner with Artiscience Library at Summerhall walking before the workshop in The Meadows parkland nearby.

In September we were joined by Guest Weaver James Donald of PickOne Productions to discuss elements of Weaving Practice.

Part of September 2019 Creative Cluster of Events in Edinburgh

Our Linen Storybooks opening in Edinburgh with a creative cluster of events themed this month to celebrate the creative energies that bring linen culture alive: capital, investment, trade, union and migration: people and places, culture and contemporary design.

Our creative cluster of events this month:

  • Wild Weaving at Summerhall / for complete beginners, assembling inside Summerhall, Friday 20th September 11am to 12.30pm
  • Weavers Tales at Summerhall / an early afternoon discussion with James Donald, Friday 20 September 1.30pm to 2.15pm
  • An Opening Welcome to Our Linen Stories at Dovecot / all welcome, Saturday 21st September 11.30am to 12.30pm
  • Talking Shop: A Saturday Stroll in Edinburgh’s Old Town / assembling in Dovecot, 1.30pm to 3pm