‘New Unions’ by Elaine Bruce


Elaine Bruce is an artist resident in Newtonmore and a graduate of the University of the Highlands and Islands, having read Cultural Studies with Ethnobotany.

Generative Journeys

Throughout Our Linen Stories Tour it has been a joy to meet local artists, makers and designers and in some cases to develop collaborations including talks and workshops to supplement the exhibition. Elaine produced a beautiful solo vessel from grasses around Newtonmore and Kingussie during our tour to The Highland Folk Museum in October 2018. During our Highlands revisit, this time to Grantown on Spey Museum, we presented other work by Elaine made using New Zealand Flax for the Australian Basketry gathering inb 2012.

‘New Unions’

This specially created new work draws on both materiality and place and will be shown for the first time in Edinburgh at Dovecot.

‘Wild Weaving Workshops’

Elaine and I were able to reflect on the well-being we associate with creative pursuits, Elaine discussing the meditative nature and resultant benefit of weaving. Inspired by our conversation and Elaine’s art practice, we are working with MA candidate Akashata Mokashi to develop and deliver a series of ‘Wild Weaving Workshops’. These comprise a slow walk with collection of grasses, string and other detritus en route to be subsequently woven on simple frames. This forms part of the ‘Weave for Well Being’ initiative from Journeys in Design.